Message from the Chairman

The committee is working hard to encourage entrants to the race meetings and have listened to driver comments on reasons for non – attendance. We have already instigated some changes and bring these to your notice in the hope it will improve entries.

There have been rumours that we may cancel meetings and that this will cost those already entered a £15 charge. This is most emphatically not true and during the 2017 Club Championship the committee WILL NOT CANCEL ANY MEETING, IRRESPECTIVE OF DRIVER NUMBERS, meaning those who do attend will have the potential to achieve high scoring points.

Show your support for the club by entering early. The best and easiest way is on line, but other methods are detailed on the entry form. Trophy numbers are calculated on entries received by the closing date.

Following feed-back from members the committee has decided that we will provide trophies for non-Evo Rotax Max engine racers, on the same ratio as the current SR’s (i.e. 1 in 4 entered). While they will still race alongside the Evo engines in a combined grid, separate awards will be presented. This year we cannot run a separate championship, but this will be reviewed for 2018.

CCTV – we are training further operatives on the TV system and creating a “request to view” system whereby should a driver feel unfairly disadvantaged he can request a review by an official of an incident on playback. If there is found to be a driving matter to be considered, then it will be reported to the Stewards of the meeting who may then take further action. It should be emphasised that this does not replace your right to protest or the time limits associated with such an action. It should also be noted that this may be limited to one or two per meeting as per the current procedure in National Championships.

Again, following members’ feed-back improvement in style and size of trophies has been raised as an issue. This has already been addressed. Comment has been made that the April trophies were excellent.

Should you have any comments or suggestions you wish your committee to consider please drop an email to The committee and I are continuing to strive to improve the club facilities, but need your input to ensure our actions are in the best interests of all.

Kind regards

Bill Mc Donald
Chairman – WSKC