CCTV Policy


The West of Scotland uses CCTV at the venue, Summerlee Raceway. It is switched on 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. There are 16 cameras around the race circuit.

Although recording whist switched on, its use is limited to reviewing images during race or practice events. The cameras, at the date of this policy statement, are directed towards the tarmac race circuit. The images captured are not shared with any other party and are not broadcast on line to any internet web site or provider. The only exception to sharing is if mandated by the law enforcement agencies of Scotland or the motor sports governing body, The Motor Sports Association.

Images are recorded to a hard disk storage system that, when full, is overwritten by new current images. Should there be a serious incident then the club reserves the right to archive that incident and store the archive in a secure manner in the event that our insurers, or other agencies detailed above, require sight of the matter.